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Spring 2010


Volume 36, 1

Forum Spring 2010
In This Issue:


A Message from the Dean
by Stewart J. Schwab

Perhaps you saw the news in the New York Times. Maybe you read it on our website, in our e-newsletter, or on Twitter or Facebook...

A History of the Death Penalty in America
by Thomas Adcock

The American experience in capital punishment is a kaleidoscope of legislative vogue, adaptive judicial wisdom, religion (both stern and merciful), political passion and race...

1888: The Last Hanging in New York State
by Thomas Adcock

Oscar F. Beckwith died at the end of a rope in the blustery mid-morning of March 1, 1888, six years after killing his partner in a hapless gold mining venture...

Cornell on the Case: It Takes a Team to Develop the Story
by Bridget Meeds

Naomi E. Terr ‘01 was asked to look into the conviction of Ramiro Hernandez Llanas. Immediately, she found a morass of problems...

"The Times They Are A-Changin," (or are they?)
by John H. Blume

New death sentences are down, the number of executions has dropped, public support for the death penalty has declined...

My View from Outside
by Joseph Amrine

In April 2003, the Missouri Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Joseph Amrine, an African American death row inmate at the state penitentiary in Jefferson City since 1986...

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