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Fall 2010


Volume 36, 2

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A Message from the Dean
by Stewart J. Schwab

A single question about the short run seems to be on everyone’s lips. “What is happening in the legal job market?”

The Legal Economy
by Thomas Adcock

Survival of the legal industry, especially in the current recession, depends on its leaders realizing the world turns, and its successful inhabitants must dance to the rhythms.

Precision and Concision: The Cornell Lawyering Program
by Bridget Meeds

With an emphasis going beyond the writing, Cornell's leading-edge program helps establish the foundations of the 21st century lawyer.

Should Law Schools Change the Curriculum?by Judith Pratt

Dean Schwab asked: “Is the model that we and other top law schools have used—that is, sending graduates to law firms who do intense training—is that changing?” Members of the Law School Advisory Council respond.

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