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Spring 2013


Volume 39, 1



Forum Online Spring 2013
When East Met West
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125 Years Later: Harada and Naruse of 2013
Why Diversity Matters
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A Message from the Deanby Stewart J. Schwab

"Today, our student body represents a range of cultural, ethnic, racial, and economic groups, varies in age and experience, and hails from nearly every state in the United States and countries around the globe," writes Dean Stewart J. Schwab.

When East Met West: 125 Years of Japanese Law Students at Cornell
by Kevin M. Clermont

Cornell Law's relationship with Japan began with its founding. One could almost say that our tradition of welcoming Japanese students was part of the mission from the very beginning. Students from Japan continue to contribute importantly to the Law School, as both students and alumni.

125 Years Later: Harada and Naruse of 2013
by Kenneth Berkowitz

In the one hundred twenty-five years since Cornell Law welcomed its first incoming class, Japan has continued to send some of its brightest, most accomplished students to study in Ithaca, including two current members of the graduate program, Masayoshi Harada, LL.M. '13, and Masashi Naruse, LL.M. '13.

Why Diversity Mattersby Linda Brandt Myers

Top-tier law schools and firms may be among the biggest losers, should the Supreme Court shoot down affirmative action in higher education when they decide Fisher v. University of Texas.

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