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Fall 2014


Volume 40, 2



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A Message from the Dean by Eduardo M. Peñalver

Part of what makes Cornell Law School so unique, and what makes me especially honored to become its 16th dean, is the sense of community that permeates the institution. Where else can you experience such a supportive, collegial, and friendly environment within a top law school? I like to think the answer is "Nowhere but here."

Parsing Eduardo Peñalver: Why He's the Right Person to Lead the Law School in an Era of Change
by Linda Brandt Myers

He clerked for appellate court and Supreme Court justices and has been a professor at Cornell, University of Chicago, and Fordham law schools. But it's also important to know that Eduardo Moises Peñalver, the Law School's new Allan R. Tessler Dean: can pilot a plane, swam with whales in Mystic Aquarium, keeps chickens, and cares about sharks.

Mary Donlon Alger: A Strong Pair of Shoulders
by Cynthia Grant Bowman

Mary Donlon, 1920 graduate of Cornell Law School, was the first woman to be editor in chief of a law review in the United States, decades ahead of any other claimant to that honor.

Learning by Doing in the Real World by Kenneth Berkowitz

Ever since the 1970s, Cornell Law School has been at the forefront of clinical legal education, providing opportunities for students to move beyond the classroom to work with real clients on real issues of law.

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