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Fall 2015


Volume 41, 2



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A Message from the Dean by Eduardo M. Peñalver

Learning how to respond when you perceive wrongdoing is an important part of being a lawyer. Preparing our students for these challenging situations is a vital aspect of our mission as a law school. And the collegial and inclusive atmosphere we have created at Cornell Law School is the ideal place to make that happen.

Collaboration and Leadership: The Next Frontier in Legal Education
by Kenneth Berkowitz

The law school launches a new program in professional development.

Mary Kennedy Brown: Our First Woman Lawyer's Dramatic Life
by Kevin Clermont and Lyndsey Y. Clark

Cornell Law School can be proud of its many contributions to the chronicles of pioneering diversity. The story of Mary Kennedy Brown (1864-1932), who in 1893 became the Law School's first woman graduate, belongs among those accounts.

Anne Lukingbeal Leaves Four-Decade Legacy of Care for Students by Ian McGullam

When you've been at Cornell for almost four decades, a lot of faces come and go. Alumni would frequently get in touch with Anne Lukingbeal with e-mails starting, "You probably don't remember me, but . . ."

After Twenty-Eight Years of Admissions Alchemy, A Virtuosic Farewell for Rick Geiger
by Kenneth Berkowitz

There was metaphorical music in the air as the Law School gathered to celebrate Rick Geiger, associate dean for communications and enrollment, who was retiring.

Mark Jackson: Defending Freedom of the Press and Exposing Medicare Fraud
by Owen Lubozynski

The Wall Street Journal's Pulitzer-winning investigative series "Medicare Unmasked" uncovered fraud that has cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

Back in the (Former) USSR: Charles K. Whitehead's Work in Ukraine

by Linda Brandt Myers

Long considered the world's breadbasket, it remains a major grain exporter, and its industry and technology sectors show tremendous promise.

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